Herrfors Oy Ab


mailing address

Oy Herrfors Ab

Kauppiaankatu 10




Phone number

(06) 781 5300

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Herrfors is an electricity company in the Katternö Group. Herrfors' roots date back to 1907, when the first generator was installed at the Herrfors power plant in Kolpi. Today, Herrfors' vision is to provide local energy and heat reliably and honestly. Herrfors is therefore strongly focused on local activities.

As is typical, Herrfors offers a variety of electricity contracts to meet different customer needs. The range includes both fixed universal electricity as an open-ended contract and fixed-term contracts of various sizes. Herrfors also offers exchange-traded electricity, i.e. electricity at a price that varies according to the Nord Pool spot price. The range also includes night-time and seasonal electricity, which not all electricity companies actively market on their websites today.

Herrfors has a Herrfors 24/7 mobile app for its customers, which makes it easy to monitor your electricity consumption and electricity prices.

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