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Vattenfall is versatile electricity company. You can choose from Vattenfall's range of services to find the one that suits you best. electricity contract and enjoy a secure and stable electricity supply. Services are available for individuals, businesses and industry alike.

We've made it easy to sign an electricity contract - and just as easy to renew it, even if you're moving to a new address. Read more about Vattenfall's history, the services offered, the company's philosophy and the different types of contracts.

Diverse services from Vattenfall

Vattenfall offers services to all private customers who need electricity, regardless of their living arrangements. Whether you are moving house or looking for a new electricity contract, Vattenfall is sure to have a package to suit your needs. Vattenfall is also a competitive operator in terms of pricing, and generally does well. on the competition websites. If you're moving to a new home, you can quickly sign up for an electricity contract at your new address. The contract takes effect within five days, but if you have forgotten to sign it, you can have electricity in your home within 24 hours.

A Vattenfall electricity contract can be concluded for an apartment, detached, semi-detached or terraced house, and an electricity contract for a summer residence is not a problem. There are several different contract packages available. Choose from nuclear, wind, hydro or solar. There is also a Climate Mix contract, which makes use of all of these forms of electricity generation.

You can also opt for a fixed-term contract, in which case the price remains the same for the entire contract period. Alternatively, you can opt for an open-ended contract, in which case the price of the electricity billed will change according to the market. There is also an hourly electricity rate, which follows the electricity exchange price, and this contract does not tie you to a specific deadline.

Vattenfall also offers electricity to business customers. Businesses can also choose their preferred electricity contract package and use either full-core electricity or electricity generated from solar, wind or hydro power. They also have the option of a fixed price contract or using electricity from the exchange, as is the case for private customers.

A strong environmentalist

Vattenfall is committed to producing electricity responsibly, in a way that minimises greenhouse gas emissions. Production is climate neutral, which means that emissions from electricity production are offset by participating in certified projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Vattenfall is an advocate of fossil-free energy production methods. It produces energy using water, wind, solar, biomass, waste, nuclear, coal and natural gas. For example about wind power has become one of the fastest growing forms of energy generation, already achieving a coverage of around 14 % across Europe.

In addition, Vattenfall has committed to phase out coal as a fuel within the next ten years.
Vattenfall is committed to building a better future, and the goal is to have the possibility of a fossil-free future. One of Vattenfall's key themes is the promotion of electric vehicles. The construction of a charging station network is progressing and the largest network in Europe is already being implemented.

Long-term electricity producer

Vattenfall started operations in 1909 and is by far the largest electricity producer in Sweden. In addition to Sweden, Vattenfall operates extensively in several European countries and has around 20 000 employees across Europe. Vattenfall's activities include the generation, transmission, distribution and sale of electricity and heat. In addition to households, Vattenfall supplies energy to industry.

Vattenfall also operates extensively in Finland and employs 70 people in its Finnish operations. Vattenfall supplies electricity throughout Finland, with the exception of the Åland Islands. The company also operates nine hydroelectric power plants in Finland, the largest of which is located in Joensuu.

Vattenfall's expert customer service will help and guide you in choosing an electricity contract and in practical matters on weekdays. Vattenfall's versatile services meet the individual needs of every household and business.

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