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Kokkola Energy is a full-service company based in Kokkola energy company. The Kokkolan Energia group of companies also includes Kokkolan Energiaverkot Oy, which is responsible for the electricity networks. In addition to electricity and electricity networks, Kokkolan Energia also supplies heat and steam production and distribution.

Kokkolan Energia has a long and interesting history: the company was founded in 1905 and was initially known as the town's sauna and electricity plant, as the municipality's public sauna was located in the same building. Although the sauna no longer exists, the power plant has survived and today it produces not only electricity but also district heating. It has thousands of customers all over Finland.

Kokkolan Energia is a local energy company, but despite its name, it operates strongly throughout the country, and you can order an electricity contract anywhere in Finland from the company's selection. Kokkolan Energia's electricity contracts are very competitively priced.

The company produces district heat, process steam and electricity in two of its owned power plants. Energy production is fuelled by peat and biofuels (=sawdust, bark and forest energy). In addition, the company buys electricity from the stock exchange, and of the electricity sold by the company in 2019, 53% was nuclear, 25% renewable and 22% fossil fuel.


The share of fossil fuels in Kokkolan Energia's electricity production is quite small: only about one fifth. Just over half comes from nuclear power and the rest from renewables. Thus Kokkolan Energia provides mostly emission-free energy. According to the company, nuclear waste generation is about 1,35 mg/kWh.

Kokkolan Energia offers a choice between 100% hydroelectricity or renewable electricity from waste wood in the forest industry. The electricity ordered through other contracts is mixed electricity.

And although the public sauna has already gone cold, Kokkolan Energia is actively involved in sponsoring local sports activities, among other things. In addition to this, the company has also invested in energy advice for customers. Kokkolan Energia was incorporated in 2015, but the decision-making power has not gone away from Kokkola, as the municipality is still the largest owner.

Kokkolan Energia's electricity contracts

The company offers electricity contracts are quite similar to those offered by competitors, i.e. the customer can choose between a fixed-term or an open-ended contract. In addition, as with many other companies, there is a choice between exchange electricity and quarterly electricity. The duration of fixed-term contracts is either 12 or 24 months.

The basic tariffs for Kokkolan Energia's electricity contracts vary, but the highest is EUR 2.5, which is quite affordable in the Finnish electricity market.

If you have considered purchasing solar panels, Kokkolan Energia will also help you with this on request. The excess production can then be sold to the company through a separate contract. In addition to consumers, solar panels are also sold to farms and entrepreneurs.

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