Karhu Voima


mailing address

Karhu Voima Oy

Pajatie 65

48600 Kotka



Phone number

020 619 8000

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Karhu Voima is a modern Finnish company focused on the sale of electrical energy. Karhu Voima was originally established by Kotkan Energia and Haminan Energia, but was transferred in 2020. KSS Energy ownership.

The company is clearly set up in response to the changes that are taking place in the company, with a profile that is customer-oriented and high in terms of service. Karhu Voima also strongly brands itself as a company selling electrical energy nationwide.

A key element of Karhu Voima is openness and fairness towards its customers. The principle is that customers always know what kind of products the company offers and what they cost. Indeed, Karhu Voima's principles are refreshing in an industry where misleading marketing and even blatant breaches of the law are all too common from certain companies.

Karhu Energia also strives to act responsibly in the procurement of electricity; the company only uses certified green energy sources.

Karhu Voima's electricity contracts

As befits a modern electricity company, Karhu Voima's range includes fixed monthly payment electricity contracts as well as exchange electricity, universal electricity and night & seasonal electricity. The range therefore covers virtually all types of electricity contract pricing.

Karhu Voima's electricity contracts are very competitively priced; for example, the company offers low-cost package electricity contracts, which, unlike many of its competitors, are sold without a fixed term. It is also worth remembering Karhu Voima's open pricing principles, renewable energy sources and domestic ownership when purchasing an electricity contract.

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