mailing address

Ilmatar Windpower Oyj

Union Street 30

00100 Helsinki


Phone number

020 734 1333

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Ilmatar is simply wind power selling and generating electricity. Ilmattare currently operates a total of 32 different wind farms in five different locations. Ilmattare has wind turbines in Luhanka, Raahe, Leppävirra, Siikajoki and Lappeenranta.

The company has been building wind turbines since 2013 and is currently building several dozen more. Ilmattare has wind turbines under construction in Pyhänne & Kajaani, Somero, Alajärvi, Kurikka and Humppila-Urjala. The turbines currently under construction are scheduled to be commissioned between 2021 and 2023.

With the completion of ongoing construction projects, Ilmattare's energy production capacity will multiply; for example, 41 new power plants are planned for the Pyhänkä and Kajaani areas alone, which is more than double the number of power plants the company currently has in operation.

Ilmatar - electricity contracts

Ilmatar not only produces environmentally friendly and green wind power, it also sells electricity at very competitive prices. Ilmattar's fixed-term electricity contracts have a base fee of around zero euros, and the price of the electricity itself is also quite affordable - especially for a two-year fixed-term contract.

Ilmatar is also one of the electricity companies with a very transparent pricing policy; the price of electricity remains the same throughout the contract period for fixed-term contracts, with no unexpected price increases in the middle of the contract period.

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