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67100 Kokkola



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0800 050 60

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Kokkola Energy is a full-service energy company based in Kokkola. The Kokkolan Energia group of companies also includes Kokkolan Energiaverkot Oy, which is responsible for the electricity networks. In addition to electricity and electricity networks, Kokkolan Energia also provides heat and steam generation and distribution.

Kokkolan Energia is a local energy company, but despite its name, it operates strongly throughout the country, and you can order an electricity contract anywhere in Finland from the company's selection. Kokkolan Energia's electricity contracts are very competitively priced.

Kokkolan Energia produces district heat, process steam and electricity in its two owned power plants. Energy production is fuelled by peat and biofuels (=sawdust, bark and forest energy). In addition, the company buys electricity from the stock exchange, and of the electricity sold by the company in 2019, 53% was nuclear, 25% renewable and 22% fossil fuel.

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