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KSS Energia

KSS Energia Oy (formerly Kouvolan Seudun Sähkö Oy) is an energy company operating in the Kouvola region. KSS Energia is responsible for maintaining the electricity networks in the Kouvola region, selling electricity-related services and electrical energy, i.e. electricity contracts. In addition to electricity, the company is also active in other energy services, such as natural gas and district heating solutions. 

KSS Energia is a strongly local company, but sells electricity to all parts of Finland. The company has a comprehensive range of electricity contracts, varying both in terms of pricing and generation methods.

KSS Energia produces its own electricity in the Kouvola region using hydroelectric power, biofuels and natural gas. In addition to its own production, the company has production shares in wind farms in South-Kymenlaakso and South Ostrobothnia. In addition, the company also purchases electricity from the electricity exchange and from partners.


Most of KSS Energy's electricity is nuclear (40 %), with the second largest share going to fossil fuels and the rest to renewables. As the company also produces district heating, it should be noted that for this the company already uses 76 % of renewable sources.

The company also has a significant amount of its own generation, which at least partly sources electricity from local suppliers. What cannot be produced in-house is bought on the electricity exchange, as is the case with other electricity companies. KSS Energia owns old and traditional hydroelectric power plants, including one in Siikakoski, which dates back to 1917.

In addition to its main activities, KSS Energia is also active in maintaining the vitality of the Kouvola region and is the main sponsor of the KSS Energia Arena, the home ground of Kouvola Ballonlyöjä.

KSS Energia's electricity contracts

KSS Energy offers both low-cost package electricity contracts and competitively priced universal electricity contracts. KSS Energy's packaged electricity contracts are affordable and easy options for low and medium electricity consumption households. Contracts are available for both fixed-term and open-ended contracts. Environmentally conscious customers can also choose from a fully renewable electricity contract, of which the company has a total of four. These include fully local, zero emission and renewable hydropower.

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