Domestic Energy


mailing address

Kotimaan Energia Oy

Keilalahdentie 2-4

02150 Espoo


Phone number

09 315 816 32

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Domestic Energy (formerly Suomen Energiayhtiö) is a Finnish electricity company owned by Fortum. Kotimaan Energia's turnover in 2018 was approximately EUR 43 million. Kotimaan Energia was founded in 2005 and is based in Keilaniemi, Espoo.

The company has changed its ownership structure several times in recent years. In 2013, Norway's largest grid company Hafslund acquired the then Finnish Energy Company, but in 2017 the electricity sales operations were fully transferred to Fortum. Fortum was already indirectly involved, owning 34% of the Hafslund group.

Domestic Energy has been in the headlines several times for misleading marketing and surprise power contracts. In 2017, the Consumer Agency reprimanded Kotimaan Energia for the conduct of telephone salesmen. The sellers had sent electricity contracts to customers who thought they were only getting a quote for the contract. In 2018, the problems continued, with the company making headlines for contracts at Gigant, where customers again thought they were only getting an offer and had not knowingly signed a new electricity contract.

Currently, Kotimaan Energia has more than 130 000 customers in Finland. Kotimaan Energia has a high price level and cannot compete directly on price with many other electricity companies. Therefore, Kotimaan Energia attracts new customers with variable offers, such as free first-month basic tariffs and gift cards.

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