Korpela Energy & Korpela Power


mailing address

Group of municipalities

P.O. Box 13 (Junkalantie 15)

69101 Kannus



Phone number

06 874 7311

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Korpela Energy is an energy company belonging to the Korpela Group. Korpela Power is a group of municipalities owned by the municipalities of Halsua, Kalajoki, Kannus, Kaustinen, Lestijärvi, Sievi and Toholamme. Korpelan Energia is one of Korpelan Voima's subsidiaries, and the group also includes the subsidiaries Lämpö Korpela and Verkko Korpela. The Korpelan Voima Group's objective is to provide affordable, high-quality energy services, and the names of the subsidiaries reflect their respective areas of expertise in energy production and distribution.

Korpelan Energia is a company focused on the sale of electricity, which sells electrical energy throughout Finland. Korpelan Energia offers competitively priced electricity contracts, with price types ranging from exchange electricity to general electricity. Korpelan Energia has a wide range of electricity contracts, and there is an electricity contract to suit every user. Contract lengths range from the standard open-ended to a two-year fixed-term contract. Korpelan Energia also offers seasonal and time-of-year electricity, with prices varying according to the time of day or season.

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