Keravan Energia Oy


mailing address

Keravan Energia Oy

PL 37

04201 Kerava


Phone number

(09) 5849 550 

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Keravan Energia Oy is the parent energy company of the Keravan Energia Group. The group also includes Sipoon Energia Oy and Keravan Lämpövoima Oy.

Keravan Energia is 96.5% owned by the City of Kerava, with the remaining 3.5% owned by the Municipality of Sipoo. The company maintains the local electricity networks and generates and sells electricity energy. Keravan Energia's history dates back to 1906.

Keravan Energia produces electricity at the Kerava Myllykorventie bioenergy plant, which produces renewable bioenergy with a low carbon footprint, mainly from wood chips transported from nearby areas. In addition to the biopower plant, the company also generates electricity at a solar power plant located opposite Kerava prison. The solar power plant, completed in 2016, contains 774 solar panels.

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