Jylhän Sähköosuuskunta


mailing address

Jylhän Sähköosuuskunta

21 ratatie




Phone number

06 434 6300

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Jylhän Electricity Cooperative is a small electricity company operating locally in the Kauhava area. The Jylhän Electricity Co-operative is responsible for maintaining the electricity networks in the area and selling electricity to local operators. The cooperative also produces electricity itself at a hydroelectric power plant in Jylhänkoski, Kauhava, but most of the electricity is purchased from EPV Energia Oy.

The Jylhän Electricity Cooperative is a strongly local company that, like many other small local companies, sells electricity mainly to customers in its own grid area. There is no mention of electricity sales to other localities on the cooperative's website, and there is no direct way to order an electricity contract from the website. It is therefore unclear whether the Jylhän Electricity Cooperative sells electricity to customers in other localities at all.

However, in the area covered by the Jylhän Electricity Cooperative network, you do not have to buy electricity from the cooperative, although you do have to pay a transmission fee to them. Electricity can be purchased from any Finnish electricity company in mainland Finland, which makes it possible to buy electricity at a low price wherever you live.

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