Iin Energia Oy


mailing address

Iin Energia Oy

Fire Station Road 13

91100 Ii



Phone number

08 8180 220

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Iin Energia is an electricity company owned by the municipality of Ii. Iin Energia operates the transmission network in the "old" Ii area and sells electricity throughout the whole municipality of Ii, including Kuivaniemi. Iin Energia is also responsible for 24/7 electricity distribution in the area. The company employs 12 people and Iin Energia had a turnover of EUR 5.7 million in 2020.

The electricity network operated by the company extends not only to the village of Ii, but also to the village of Olhava and the Olhavajoki arm of the river as far as Kaihua. This electricity distribution network is about 600 km long and includes about 250 transformers.

Iin Energia also produces electricity itself; the company's self-sufficiency in electricity production is about 60%. Electricity is produced from hydro and wind power.

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