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Helen - formerly known as Helsingin Energia - is one of the largest energy companies in Finland. Helen's roots date back to 1884, when Helsinki's first private electricity company was founded. The Helsinki City Electricity Board - now Helen - was founded in 1909, and at the same time the private electricity companies operating in the city were taken over by the city. Around the same time, a new power plant was completed in Suvilahti.

Helen currently has around 550 000 customers throughout Finland. Helen's business includes the production of electricity, district heating and cooling, and the distribution and sale of energy. Helen produces electricity through cogeneration at power plants in Helsinki and buys electricity produced from nuclear, hydro and wind power on the electricity exchange. Helen Sähköverkko Oy, which belongs to Helen, is also responsible for electricity distribution and network maintenance for more than 375 000 customers.

Helen and responsibility

Helen opens up its sustainability strategy on its website. Helen aims to produce energy in a fully carbon neutral way by 2035. By 2025, Helen aims to reduce its emissions by 401 TP1T compared to 1990, increase the share of renewable energy to 25% and halve the use of coal. The aim is to phase out coal completely by 2029.

Helen's electricity contracts

Like other modern electricity companies, Helen offers a range of different types of electricity contracts. When choosing an electricity contract with Helen, you can choose between an open-ended universal electricity contract, a fixed-price 24-month fixed-term contract or exchange electricity. There are also slightly more expensive options than other contracts, where the energy is produced entirely from renewable sources.

Helen's electricity contracts are not the cheapest on the market, but on the other hand, the pricing is open and transparent and many people are familiar with the company. In addition, Helen offers easy-to-use ways to monitor your electricity consumption and even the possibility to rent your own solar panel from Helen's power plant.

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