Haminan Energia Oy


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Haminan Energia Oy

Reutsinkatu 12

49400 Hamina



Phone number

05 460 10610

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Haminan Energia's roots go back to 1901, when the Hamina Municipal Electricity Works was established. In the early days, the plant's activities were strongly focused on local operations; mainly electrifying the city of Hamina and its surroundings.

The Hamina energy company was incorporated in 1994, due to the changes in the sector. Consequently, Haminan Energia Oy was established in 1994 and is wholly owned by the City of Hamina. After the incorporation, the business started to develop and in 1998 Kymertek Oy, a company specialising in network construction and contracting, was established. Kymertek 60% was sold to Eltel Networks in 2003.

Today, Haminan Energia is an energy company providing services locally in the Hamina region, whose core activities include the distribution and sale of electricity and natural gas, district heating distribution, data transmission services, industrial energy services and natural gas.

Haminan Energia owns five wind turbines located in Hamina, which the company uses to generate the electricity it sells.

When it comes to ordering electricity contracts, Haminan Energia can seem confusing - there is no mention on the website of ordering a contract, and you cannot order a contract via the website. Indeed, Haminan Energia's electricity trade is handled by a separate company, Karhu Voima. Karhu Voima is a company set up by Haminan Energia and Kotkan Energia, although it was taken over by KSS Energia on 1 April 2020. Despite the transfer of ownership, Karhu Voima is still responsible for billing and customer service for Haminan Energia and Kotkan Energia.

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