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GNP Energy Finland Oy

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GNP Energy is a Finnish electricity company established in 2009. GNP Energy has previously been known as Market Energia and Finkraft - the company has changed its name twice in its more than ten years of existence. The company has been known as GNP Energy since 2 May 2018. According to the company's own words, the latest name change is due to the company's focus on Nordic business.

The company has become known to the Consumer Ombudsman and the Competition and Consumer Authority under all the names it has used throughout its history. In 2011, the Consumer Ombudsman sued the company, then known as Market Energia Sähkönmyynti Oy, for telemarketing electricity due to late repayment of advance payments made to the company. At the time, the company had received several hundred complaints to the Consumer Agency.

In the Market Court, the company was found to have acted unfairly in its marketing, contractual practices and in determining the amount of the advance invoice. A penalty payment of €75 000 was imposed on the company.

In 2016, the company was admitted to the Market Court under its new name, Finkraft Oy. At that time, the Consumer Ombudsman took the company to court over price increases in electricity sales contracts. The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority also reported in 2016 that the company had double-billed several hundred of its customers. The company blamed a processing error in its computer system, which eventually took almost two years to correct.

In 2018 - once again accompanied by a new name - the company once again came under the microscope of the Competition and Consumer Authority. At this stage, the company, known as GNP Energy, was found to have marketed electricity contracts over the phone to 80-90 year olds without giving them all the information required by law. The company had also overstated the consumption estimates used in its estimated bills. As this was not enough for the company, the confirmation of the telephone sales contract had also been sent so late that the 14-day notice period for distance selling under the Consumer Protection Act had already expired by the time the confirmation arrived.


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