Forssan Energia Oy



Forssan Energia Oy

Paulinkatu 9

30420 Forssa


Phone number

029 70200 111

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Forssan Energia is a subsidiary of the Sallila Energia Group, which has a strong focus on local electricity sales in the Häme region. In addition to Forssan Energia, the Sallila Energia Group also includes Sallila Sähkönsiirto Oy and Sallila Sähköasennus Oy. All the above subsidiaries are owned by 100% Sallila Energia Group.

Forssan Energia focuses on selling electricity in Häme, and the company aims to be a strongly local electricity company, while meeting the energy needs of customers throughout Finland. The company's product range is designed to be versatile, taking into account the different energy needs of different customers. The company is logically based in Forssa, and the Sallila Energia Group has owned the company since 2016.

Like many other modern electricity companies, Forssan Energia's product range includes both market-priced exchange-traded electricity contracts and fixed electricity contracts. The company also offers a modern online service where you can view your electricity bills and monitor your electricity consumption over different periods.

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