Fi-Nergy Voima Oy



Fi-Nergy Voima Oy

Urho Kekkonen Street 4-6

00100 Helsinki


Phone number

09 171 00 69

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Fi-Nergy Voima Oy is a Finnish electricity company established in 2017 and based in Helsinki. In addition to Finland, the company also sells electricity to Sweden. On its website, Fi-Nergy Voima explains that its business idea is based on a simple model; selling green electricity at the lowest possible price. The company also says that its service is professional and that it strives for a model where customers can trust them.

Fi-Nergy Voima's CEO is Håkan Gustafsson, who has previously served as Country Manager of the bankrupt Werel Oy and as the principal owner and Chairman of the Board of 220 Energia Oy.

Customer experiences and complaints about the company

Fi-Nergy has been warned by the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority in January 2020. The Agency had received several hundred notifications concerning Fi-Nergy, including errors in contracts and billing. In April 2020, the Agency referred Fi-Nergy to the Market Court and the company was threatened with several fines of €100 000 if the company does not change its billing and contracting practices.

In April 2020, the company explained on its website that the problems with its operations were mainly due to an unexpectedly rapid increase in customer numbers. Operations are said to have changed during the spring of 2020.

However, based on the number of complaints, there has been little change in the company's practices. In 2020, the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority received 930 complaints against Fi-Nergy - almost twice as many as any other single electricity company. Already in January 2021, 52 complaints were received - again, more than from any other electricity company.

A large proportion of complaints and problems with the company relate to the absence of final invoices and late or non-payment of balancing payments. The company's policy has been to bill customers according to their estimated electricity consumption through an advance bill, with any overbilling being settled at a later stage. However, customers have often not been compensated.

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The source for this article is articles published by Yle. If you are still considering purchasing a Fi-Nergy electricity contract or wondering why the company is still allowed to operate in Finland, we recommend you read the following articles where the company's activities and complaints about its operations are discussed in more detail.

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