Esse Elektro-Kraft Oy



Esse Elektro-Kraft Ab

Umforsbackankuja 7

68820 ÄHTÄVÄ


Phone number

020 766 190

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Esse Elektro-Kraft Oy is a small Finnish energy company based in Pedersöre, whose core activities include electricity transmission, electricity sales and hydroelectric power generation. Esse-Elektro-Kraft is active not only in Pedersören but also in the areas of Kortesjärvi, Alahärmä, Kronoby and Uusikaarlepy.

The history of the company dates back to 1920, when the cooperative was originally established to build a power plant on the river Ähtävänjoki, Värnånkoske. The cooperative was converted into a limited liability company only five years later, in 1925.

The power plant at Värnånkoske is still in operation, although it has of course been renovated and modernised several times over the years. In addition to the Värnånkoske power plant, Esse Elektro-Kraft has also built another power plant on the river Ähtävä, the Hattari hydroelectric power plant. The total annual production of these two power plants is approximately 12 million kWh. In addition to the power plants it has built, the company also owns a third power plant, Hanhikoski, which was purchased from the municipality of Evijärvi and has an annual electricity production of approximately 7 million kWh.

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