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Enefit Oy

Lemminkäisenkatu 14-18 A

20520 Turku



Phone number

09 7479 0747

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Enefit Oy is the Finnish subsidiary of the Estonian company Eesti Energi. Enefit's office is located in Turku, and like other companies selling electrical energy in Finland, Enefit sells electricity throughout Finland. Enefit's parent company Eesti Energi is the largest energy producer in Estonia, and the company operates not only in Finland and Estonia but also in Poland, Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania. Enefit consists of more than 20 different companies and employs more than 6,000 people in total.

Enefit says that sustainability is one of its core values, which is why the company only sells renewable electricity in Finland, which Enefit buys from the NordPool power exchange. Renewable energy originates from hydro, wind, solar and bioenergy. As the company only sells renewable energy in Finland, renewable energy is included in all electricity contracts at no extra cost - unlike many competitors.

Enefit is also investing heavily in digital channels and digital platforms, which is reflected, for example, in Enefit's own phone app. Through Enefit Mobile, it is possible to monitor one's own electricity consumption on an hourly basis - this makes it easy to keep track of one's own electricity consumption in near real time. Enefit Mobile helps users to keep track of which activities consume the most electricity and how to save the most and the fastest.

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