Ekosähkö Oy



Ekosähkö Oy

PL 5

87101 Kajaani



Phone number

0400 9 2480 (electricity contracts and moves)

09 4246 1358 (invoices and payment)

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Ekosähkö Oy is the first company to launch a green electricity product in Finland. Based in Kajaani, the company has been in operation since 1998. Ekosähkö Oy is an independent subsidiary of the energy company Loiste Oy.

Ekosähkö Oy has branded itself very strongly as a pioneer and trailblazer of green electricity, and the company says it is committed to a long-term goal of increasing electricity production from renewable energy sources in Finland. In our country, green electricity is produced in small power plants, 100% with renewable bioenergy, wind and hydropower. In addition to its own electricity production, Ekosähkö Oy also buys electricity from green electricity producers.

Ekosähkö Oy is the only electricity company operating in Finland that produces and sells electricity that is 100% EKOenergia-labelled energy. The EKOenergia label means that the company has signed a licence agreement with EKOenergy. EKOenergy labelled energy (electricity, gas and heat) meets sustainability criteria approved by environmental organisations and funds projects to alleviate energy poverty.

Many other companies also sell EKOenergia-labelled energy, 100% renewable energy, but Ekosähkö Oy is the only EKOenergia-labelled company with no other alternatives in its portfolio. However, it is worth remembering that Ilmatar, for example, sells 100% wind-generated electricity, but they do not have a licence agreement with EKOenergy - meaning they cannot use the "EKOenergia" label for their products.

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