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Äänekosken Energia is a company owned by the City of Äänekoski, with a strong focus on renewable energy. The ownership base of Äänekosken Energia is therefore entirely domestic, which also means that the company's tax payments remain domestic. The company offers its customers a product called Kotiseutusähkö, which is electricity produced from hydro, wind or bio-energy. Äänekosken Energia markets its electricity as cleanly produced in the surrounding areas, where customers know exactly how and where the company's electricity is produced.

With Home Electricity, the customer can choose the region in which the electricity is produced for their contract. Home Electricity is available in 12 localities. Billnäs, Mustionkoski, Paimionjoki, Koskenpää, Kuhankoski, Ähtäri Seudun, Kurikka Seudun and Lapua Seudun Kotiseutusähkö and Huopanankoski, Pyhäjärvi, Kuusamo and Tammerkoski Kotiseutusähkö. Each municipality's Kotiseutusähkö is sold primarily to the local area, but customers can also order electricity from their municipality of birth or their cottage municipality to their home, regardless of location.

Äänekosken Energia is a typical local energy company that, in addition to selling energy, also acts as a network company. Äänekosken Energia is responsible for energy and water supply in the city of Äänekoski and the surrounding area. The company also produces and manages the district heating network, which consists of four separate networks: the networks of Äänekoski, Suolahti, Hirvaskangas and Sumiainen. Äänekosken Energia does not produce all its own district heat - in the Äänekoski urban area it buys district heat from Metsä Fibre, in Suolahti the energy is produced by its associated company Kumpuniemi Voima, and in Hirvaskanmaa and Sumiainen it operates its own wood chip heat plants.

In addition to energy production and network management, Äänekosken Energia also maintains and renovates water and sewerage networks in the areas of Äänekoski, Suolahti, Sumiainen and Konginkankas. The company is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the trunk line and ensures the quality of local drinking water.

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