Electricity offer from. 5,99 snt/kWh

Updated 24.9.2021: The market price of electricity has been at record highs in the summer and early autumn of 2021. In July, the average price of electricity on the exchange was 9,77 snt / kWh, which is 2-3 times more than normal in July. Prices have also remained almost as high throughout August, with the average price remaining above 8 cents per kWh. The rapid rise in average prices for electricity on the exchange has already affected the prices of almost all electricity contracts, and several electricity companies have already increased prices on several occasions.

In September, electricity prices have started to rise even faster, with the price of exchange-traded electricity reaching over 25 cents per kilowatt-hour in mid-September. Prices for normal electricity contracts are now rising very rapidly, and it is still uncertain when the rise will stop and whether electricity prices will return to their previous, lower levels.

Currently, the cheapest electricity contract in our comparison is KSOY Guarantee 24 months General Electricity which provides electricity at a price of 6,99 cents/kWh for a 24-month contract period. The contract is affordable both in terms of the basic fee and the price of electricity, which makes it suitable for both a high-consumption detached house and a small apartment building.

Unfortunately, the 3.99 cents/kWh electricity offers previously on the market have been withdrawn changes in the market situation.

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Guarantee 24 months General Electricity

6,99 cents/kWh + basic fee 0,00 €/month

Electricity price for the whole contract period, basic payment for 6 months

Looking for the best electricity deal? Electricity companies often attract new customers with low-cost electricity offers. On our website, you can compare different electricity contracts and offers using a handy comparison table. In this article, we'll tell you more about electricity offers, why they exist and how you can compare and compete between electricity contracts from different companies easily and effortlessly.

Remember that you can order an electricity contract from any electricity company in Finland. So if you live in Helsinki, you do not have to sign an electricity contract with Helen, but can buy electricity from Kymenlaakso Sähkö if you wish.

Electricity offers attract customers

Electricity companies use low-cost offers to attract new customers. The model is similar to that of telephone operators - a cheap offer will tempt you to switch. Switching to a cheaper electricity contract can save a household with high electricity consumption up to hundreds of euros a year. It is therefore essential to check your electricity offers regularly.

The easiest way to find the best electricity deal is to put it out to tender

The easiest way to find the best electricity deal for you is to electricity tendering. It only takes a few minutes to tender for electricity, so it's not a very long process. Electricity tendering is completely free on our site, so it's worth checking your electricity contracts and the latest offers regularly. Switching to a cheaper contract can save you hundreds of euros a year.

Electricity tendering is completely free

Electricity tendering is completely free of charge, so the best electricity deal can often be found quickly and completely free of charge. Competitive bidding and comparison also never binds you to anything, so there's nothing to lose by competing.

It's easy to compete for electricity using the comparison table on our website. You can use it to compare electricity offers from different electricity companies, free of charge and without any obligation. So dig out your old electricity bill and compare your current one the price of electricity the alternatives available on the market.

Which electricity offer is most suitable for your own use?

Electricity offers are available on many trains, and the cheapest may not be the best option for your needs. Electricity contract There are a few things to consider when choosing a heating system, depending on your preferences, the type of dwelling you live in and how you heat your home.

Fixed-term or open-ended contract?

The first thing to consider when browsing electricity offers is whether the contract at the offer price is for a fixed term. If so, be careful - in the long run fixed-term electricity contract may not be the cheapest. In addition, it is not possible to terminate a fixed-term electricity contract except when you move house. On the other hand, fixed-term contracts are sometimes the cheapest option at the offer price, so you should not immediately reject an offer on the basis of its duration alone. However, in the case of a fixed-term contract, the contract and the price should be carefully evaluated.

Electricity contract for an indefinite period can be terminated with 14 days' notice, so choosing this type of contract means you do not have to commit to a long-term electricity contract.

Energy sources

Another important point when browsing electricity offers is to pay attention to the electricity company itself and the types of energy it uses. As such, the electricity company is irrelevant in Finland - for example, you can buy electricity from Kymenlaakson Sähkö anywhere in Finland, and there are no concrete differences in the quality of the product itself - electricity - that would be visible in use. The differences between companies are mainly in pricing and customer service. Some companies also offer the first month's electricity at a really low promotional price, after which the price goes up - so be careful when you order a new electricity contract.

However, when ordering electricity, it is often a good idea to look at the type of electricity generation for the contract in question. If you want environmentally friendly electricity, you should obviously not choose the cheapest contract if the electricity it sells is produced by burning coal. In our comparison table, you can choose the type of production of the electricity generated by the contracts being compared.

How do I order an electricity contract?

Ordering an electricity contract online is very simple. The first step is to enter your estimated electricity consumption in the comparison table and the options you want for your electricity contract. The table will then update automatically, showing you the most suitable electricity contracts, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Once you have found the most suitable electricity contract in the table, click on the "Continue" button to view the details of the contract. From the contract page, depending on the contract, you can order the electricity contract either via the order form on our website, or directly from the electricity company's own website. You then only need to fill in the necessary information to order the electricity contract.

By comparing electricity offers and choosing the cheapest option, you can easily save money. It's also worth remembering that by choosing an open-ended electricity contract, you can compare electricity prices and tender for contracts as often as you like.

Why is the cheapest electricity offer not necessarily the best option?

The cheapest electricity offer may not be the best option in the long run. Currently, the cheapest electricity contracts on the market are either short term contracts (with a radical price increase immediately after the contract period), or long term fixed term contracts, where the offer price is only valid for the first month and then rises significantly above the average price. So before ordering a contract, check the duration of the offer price, whether the contract is for a fixed term and what the normal price of the contract is. On our website, the price stability of contracts is always clearly indicated so that you don't accidentally order an unnecessarily expensive contract.

What is the cheapest electricity contract in reality?

When choosing an electricity contract, the price should be considered in the long term. The cheapest contracts on many comparison sites have a short duration, after which the price rises significantly above the average. The cheapest electricity contract also depends on the type of dwelling and the amount of electricity consumed - for a block of flats, the cheapest option is usually a universal electricity contract without a basic charge, while for a high-consumption detached house, it is best to choose a stock exchange contract with a favourable margin.

What is the best electricity deal today?

Currently, the cheapest electricity offer in our comparison comes from Ilmattare. Ilmatar offers a two-year fixed-term contract at an attractive price: electricity according to consumption 5.09 cents / kWh + 0 € / month basic fee. Lumo Energia also offers a low-cost hourly rate, which is currently the cheapest electricity contract on the exchange. You can compare the prices of different contracts based on your household's electricity consumption using the comparison tool on our website.

The cheapest electricity contract in minutes.

In Finland you can buy electricity from any electricity company, regardless of the area you live. Compare electricity contracts on our website in no time and save up to 50% on the price of electricity.