Electricity contract without credit history

Electricity contract can be obtained without a credit history. Electricity is classified as a fundamental right in Finland, which is why electricity companies cannot refuse to sell electricity on the grounds of default.

Losing your credit history, or defaulting on your payments, can cause all sorts of difficulties in everyday life: getting a rental property can be really difficult, getting a phone line may not be possible, you may forget about dreaming of a credit card, and even getting a job can be difficult if you have to deal with money at work.

However, you are guaranteed an electricity contract even if you have no credit history. Since electricity is defined as a fundamental right, electricity companies cannot refuse to sell it on the grounds of loss of credit history.

This does not mean that it is not more difficult than usual to get an electricity contract or to start electricity transmission. Indeed, some companies selling electricity and transmission companies may require a security to be paid by the uncreditworthy person before the sale or transmission of electricity can start.

Guarantees are required too easily

If the transmission or electricity company requires collateral solely on the basis of a default notice, you should not be discouraged immediately. According to a report by Yle companies often demand collateral too easily, and there are often no legal requirements for it. Since electricity is a fundamental right and must be sold, it is not possible to demand guarantees for it without specific justification. If guarantees are required, it is worthwhile to investigate the matter further yourself and to ask the company demanding the guarantees for the reason for the demand. Generally, a valid reason for requiring security is the existence of a history of non-payment of electricity bills.

The security required is usually a sum of money paid into the electricity company's account. Sometimes, depending on the case, the security may also be a bank guarantee from the customer or other comparable security.

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