Electricity contract without basic fee

When looking at an electricity contract, you often come across basic electricity charges. The basic electricity contract fee refers to the monthly basic electricity contract fee, which is the same regardless of electricity consumption.

However, all electricity contracts do not include a basic fee, and a no monthly fee electricity contract is usually the cheapest option for low-electricity households - such as a one- or two-person apartment.

Our website from the comparison engine you can easily find many different electricity contracts with a basic tariff of around €0.00/month.

What is the basic electricity contract fee?

The basic electricity charge consists of two different elements: the basic electricity energy charge and the basic electricity transmission charge. It is not possible to put electricity transmission out to tender, and this article therefore only deals with the basic electricity contract charges.

The amount of the basic electricity tariff mentioned in the electricity contract depends on the type of electricity contract, and the proportions of the basic tariffs usually vary significantly between electricity contracts of the same company. In most cases, the basic charge is between €0 and €6/month.

The proportion of the basic charge is always the same from month to month in the electricity contract and does not vary according to your electricity consumption.

Electricity contract without basic fee

An electricity contract without a basic charge is therefore an electricity contract where no monthly basic charge is paid at all. The electricity company is therefore only billed according to consumption.

In the case of basic electricity tariffs, many electricity companies offer their customers contracts that do not require them to pay a basic electricity tariff for the duration of the contract. Such an offer has the potential both to attract the interest of the potential customer and to win him over in a sea of numerous electricity offers. Many electricity offers may have lower basic tariffs for the first few months.

A basic free electricity contract - is it worth it?

While a no-fee electricity contract may sound like an attractive idea, it is not automatically the best option. It is worth bearing in mind that the type of dwelling - whether it is a detached house, an apartment building or a summer cottage - has a significant influence on whether or not a no-fee electricity contract is worthwhile.

As a good rule of thumb, an electricity contract without a basic charge is suitable for sites where electricity consumption is very low. In this sense, an electricity contract without a basic charge is generally the most advantageous option for, for example, a holiday home, a summer cottage or a one-room apartment.

Most electricity companies offer a basic free electricity contract, for example with a 12-24 month fixed-term contract, which allows you to keep the price of electricity stable throughout the contract period.

If the household's electricity consumption is high, instead of paying basic electricity tariffs, it is better to pay attention to their the price per kilowatt-hour, which increase the final price of the electricity bill considerably more than the basic charges. This is particularly true for electrically heated detached houses, where electricity consumption is many times higher than in apartment blocks.

Electricity prices can therefore be compared and put out to tender quickly and easily through our service. The easy comparison allows you to quickly see the cheapest electricity sellers in Finland and sign the most suitable and cheapest electricity contract for you - without leaving your home.

Where can I get an electricity contract without a monthly fee?

As mentioned earlier, it is important to find out whether or not it is worth signing an electricity contract without a monthly fee before signing a contract without a monthly fee. In this respect, it is important to find out exactly the total annual costs of the site. In addition, the price per kilowatt-hour for a no-monthly-fee contract may be higher than for a basic-fee contract, so it is advisable to carry out the calculations carefully before signing such a contract.

Fortunately, you don't have to do the calculations manually - our comparison engine makes it easy to see which electricity contract is the cheapest option for your home.

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If an electricity contract without a monthly fee proves to be a reasonable option, you can sign up for a new contract in a few minutes. You don't even have to cancel the old contract yourself - the new electricity company will do it for you. However, before ordering a new contract, it is a good idea to make sure that your current electricity contract is not a fixed-term contract - fixed-term contracts can only be terminated when you move house.

Frequently asked questions

What is a no monthly fee electricity contract?

A no-monthly-fee electricity contract, i.e. an electricity contract without a basic charge, is an electricity contract where you are only billed for the electricity you use. There is therefore no fixed monthly charge at all.

When is a no monthly fee electricity contract a viable option?

A no-fee contract is usually the cheapest option for low-electricity-using flats. For example, a no monthly fee electricity contract is almost always the cheapest option for apartment blocks.

How do I know if a basic no-fee electricity contract is the cheapest option for my home?

The cheapest electricity contract for your home is easy to find with our comparison engine. Simply enter your estimated annual electricity consumption into the comparison engine and the electricity contracts will be automatically ranked from cheapest to most expensive. If you do not know your annual electricity consumption, you can read the estimated consumption by type of housing on our website.

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