Kronoby Elverk / Kruunupyyn Sähkölaitos


mailing address

Kronoby Elverk

Kruunupyyntie 18

68500 Kruunupyy


Phone number

(06) 824 2200

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Kronoby Elverk i.e. Kruunupyyn Electricity Board is the electricity company responsible for maintaining the electricity networks in the Kruunupuy area. It also produces and sells electricity. The Kruunupuy electricity company is a strongly local player and currently sells electricity only to its own distribution area - the area where it also maintains the electricity networks. The company's energy prices are not exactly at the lowest end of the scale, and finding prices on its website can be a challenge. As in other places in Finland, you can buy energy in Kruunupys from any domestic energy company. It is therefore not necessary to buy electricity from the same company that maintains the local electricity grids.

Until 1921, electricity generation in Kruunupys was done with the help of mills and sawmills. The Kruunupyy Electric Cooperative was established as early as 1918, and by 1921 it had already become the Kruunupyy Electric Power Station. From 2015 onwards, Kruunupyy Electricity has been a limited liability company.

Kruunupyyn Sähkölaitok has over 3100 customers and supplies electricity to the Perersören, Kokkola and Kruunupy regions. The company says its objective is to procure and supply electricity at competitive prices and to build, upgrade and maintain electricity facilities and networks to ensure a high quality electricity supply.

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