Ilovirta was an electricity company operating as a subsidiary of Jyväskylä Energia in 2015-2016. Ilovirta branded itself with the slogan "Finland's smartest electricity company". Ilovirta's operating model differed significantly from the usual electricity companies; the company's product range was specialised in electricity contract, where the customer also donated money to charity. The company's basic idea was to provide an easy way to donate money to charity alongside the usual everyday expenses. In addition to charity, Ilovirta also emphasised sustainability, for example by selling only renewable energy.

Ilovirta closed in February 2016. Today, the easiest way to find a new electricity contract is to electricity tendering online. However, there are currently no electricity companies on the market that are as charitable as Ilovirta.

Ilovirta was wholly domestically owned and during its operation sold only fully renewable electricity certified with a guarantee of origin. The company had a strong focus on responsible operations.

Ilovirra's customers were able to choose their donation from five different charities. Ilovirra's donation partners included UNICEF, the Cancer Foundation and the SPR. The company's website provided an opportunity to learn more about the cooperation models. The donations made through Ilovirra were passed on to the organisations in full.

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