Alajärvi Electricity



Alajärven Sähkö Oy

Vanhatie 331

62900 Alajärvi


Phone number

(06) 557 7470

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Alajärven Sähkö Oy is an electricity company based in Alajärvi, owned by 1300 different shareholders. The company's largest shareholder is the City of Alajärvi with a 7% stake. The company has an annual turnover of approximately EUR 8 million.

Alajärven Sähkö is a network and electricity company, i.e. the company is responsible for maintaining the electricity network, billing transmission fees and electricity tax, and selling electricity.

The company's electricity contracts are very simple - the company offers two different types of contracts, universal electricity and time-based electricity. Alajärven Sähko's electricity sales contracts are even surprisingly cheap, but the company's website is outdated - the price list is available as a pdf file, and you cannot even order an electricity contract on the company's own website.

History of the company

Historically, Alajärvi has had small-scale electricity cooperatives in several villages. These small electricity cooperatives were in operation before the establishment of Alajärvi Sähkö Oy, and the small operators supplied electricity mainly to their local area. The use of electricity in Alajärvi increased during the Second World War, and the Alajärvi Electricity Company was established in January 1944. At that time, anyone wishing to receive electricity from the company had to become a shareholder, and the number of shares to be subscribed depended on the number of rooms in the household or the number of hectares of arable land.

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