Electricity prices are rising at record speed - compete while you still can

Electricity prices have risen at a record pace to new record highs in autumn 2021. Normally, the market price of electricity Read more

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the price of electricity on the stock exchange rises

Electricity prices are now at record highs - October 2021

The price of electricity has been rising sharply since the summer of 2021, and in early autumn the increase Read more

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How much can you save by tendering for electricity?

Electricity tendering brings savings easily. Comparing electricity contracts and ordering a new contract takes Read more

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What is a kilowatt hour (kWh) and what is it enough for?

When we receive an electricity bill, most of us only look at the total amount of the bill to see how much Read more

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9 best tips for moving house

Moving tips and checklists. Everyone has them. So we thought we'd find out what they are Read more

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saving on your electricity bill

5 ways to save on your electricity bill

The excitement of buying a new home usually disappears as soon as the first electricity bill arrives. Who used to Read more

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